At the moment, commmissions are: OPEN
Even when general commissions are closed, I will answer emails and take orders on custom pieces! If you would like to get in contact regarding a quote or design, please feel free to email me anytime at:


Do you have something you want to make into a 3D model? Maybe you found a cool design online and want it customized and created. Either way, let's make something together!

My equipment is expanding, but at the moment consists of four desktop FDM 3D Printers. They use PLA & Industrial ABS plastic at a resolution of 0.2mm per layer. Higher resolution prints are available at additional pricing.

This workshop is here to help with your vision, and bring it to life! In addition to raw printing and initial cleanup, I offer resin coating for smoothness of texture and durability, as well as painting and finishing. 

COLLAR tags- $45+ 

From puppies to mascot sized

Whatever size you need, I offer custom sizing, shapes and lettering. 

Included in the price of each tag, you can choose the colors, font, and shape. At the moment available shapes include: dog bone, feline fish, paw print, geometric shapes (square, circle, triangle, etc.) and more! 

If you have something special in mind, feel free to submit your idea! Custom 3D models for collar tags are available starting at an additional $5+ depending on complexity. 

Customization options include: 

- Your choice of text on the tag in font of your choice

- Choice of shape for the tag (either from the presets, or custom shapes upon request)

- Choice of color for the text

- Choice of color for the tag



CUstom Signage/business card holders- $80+

 Have a logo or design you would like to turn into custom sign?

Add some personality to your desk, or more attention to your trade show booth with a 3D printed sign of your logo! Also available as a business card holder. 

Customization options include: 

- Available with or without a business card holder!

- Multiple sizes available

- Your logo or text of choice on the sign

- Choose the color of the text

- Choose the color of the sign

Custom wearable HP Bar badges- $50 (INCLUDES U.S. SHIPPING)

Customization options include:

- Name on the badge

- Number of Hit Points

- Level number



Have you ever wanted to be a video game character?

Well we can't promise you any special abilities, but you can

get one step closer to Main Character status with a custom

HP Bar badge!